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Church of Saint Agustín

16th- 17th century. Former convent agustine. Free entry.

Mr. Juan Téllez Girón was also the founder of the convent of Augustinians of Osuna.

Its architecture is considered one of the most interesting because it constitutes the only and clear example of church of the Jesuits. The construction of this church started at the end of the 16th century, extending the works until the next century. The main façade has a pointed archway between the attached columns finished off with a niche.

The church has a single nave with lateral chapels communicated between them.

The transept is decorated with vegetal motifs over pendentives. The vault of the presbytery is decorated with plasterwork dates back 17th century.  

The main altarpiece is one of the masterpieces of the sculpture Baroque of Osuna. It was made by Jerónimo Balbás between 1709 and 1712. This allowed the introduction of the “estípite” in the local architecture, and it would continue to be used thanks to the work of Francisco María de Ceiba, who collaborated with Balbás in the manufacturing of this altarpiece.

This church has one of the best imagery collection that we can see in Osuna: El Cristo de la Vera Cruz, la Virgen de la Expectación de Juan de Remesal, or San José y el Cristo de la Caña, from 18th century.