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Natural Heritage


The vast and rich natural spots of Osuna, along with the huge cultural heritage, are part of the personality and the appeal of the locality, situated right in the Sevillian countryside. Since the triangular hill where the town is located, it is possible to contemplate the olive groves and the highlands, with soft temperatures the whole year. But, if we had to highlight something peculiar of this town, with its majestic past, that would be its protected spaces and properties, which cover a great part of its territory.

The municipality of Osuna is a large territory, as it has 387.8 km of drovers’ roads prepared for public use. This way, we can offer a wide range of paths which, at the same time, allow the recovery of historic places for the citizens of the municipality.

In this way, there are eleven paths designed:





SL-A 159


50 minutes

2,8 km

SL-A 161


1h, 40 minutes

6 km

SL-A 160


1h, 45 minutes

6,2 km

SL-A 158


2h, 24 minutes

8,4 km

SL-A 226


2h, 30 minutes

8,7 km

SL-A 227


1h, 30 minutes

5,2 km

PR-A 379


3h, 55 minutes

13,8 km

PR- A380


6 hours

21 km

PR- A 398


3h, 30 minutes

8,4 km

PR- A 399


4 houres

13,3 km

PR-A 402


3h, 20 minutes

11,7 km



This space is a nice exponent of the Subbético Medio system, making a steep and hectic landscape where streams and rivers have dug their course. However, the importance of this uneven spot lies in its well preserved botanical and fauna wealth.

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Taking the Marchena-Estepa drovers’ road, we will find the Roman Theatre of Osuna, one of the few that can be found in Spain. In this drovers’ road, a little further ahead, in the so-called area of “Las Cuevas” (the caves), we find the former necropolis, from the Roman period. In the same way, the Roman forum of the former Urso is part of a large stretch of this drovers’ road, specifically in the local area known as “La Pileta”.

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The astonishing reservoir of the Corbones River is especially interesting for the water sport lovers, as it is one of the few navigable reservoirs in the province of Sevilla. Besides enjoying a day in contact with nature, contemplating the rich flora and fauna of this natural spot, the visitors can relax and rest by the banks of this reservoir, with a capacity of 74 cubic hectometres, trying their luck with the fishing rod in order to get a goat fish, a carp or a black bass.

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The endorreic area, shining with its own light, is one of the richest protected areas in the municipality. Every year, the beautiful and shallow pools are visited by different species of birds which rest in Osuna during their migratory route. Flamingos, gooses, grey herons and the almost extinct white-headed duck find their paradise between rushes, wattles and cattails.

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This area is a beautiful exemplar of the medium Subbético, shaping an abrupt landscape and really moved on which streams and rivers have dug their course.But the importance of its hilly landscape is undoubte- dly, in its botanical and fauna richness, in a good state of conservation.

Penetrating in one of the most solitary lands of mu- nicipality of Osuna, going through the areas of La Re- tama, Rancho Tusset. With La Mesada we will reach the majestic pine forest and the pasture of “La Calderona”, which it will lea us to "La Vereda de la Puebla de Cazalla" after cross the  stream  “El  Término”, and using the routes of the ancient muleteers from “El Puerto de la Encina”.

It is an amazing itinerary surrounded by olives grove and cereals with a magnificent riverside landscape where the tamarisk predominates. This land is irrigated by the local streams such as el Peinado and el Salado. We can enjoy at the same time of both the route and the magnificent views of our rural architecture.

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The endangered reptiles and raptors can be found in the natural area surrounded by the Blanco river and the Salinoso stream, which presents a very characteristic shape as a result of the erosive processes. Besides, you can appreciate in this area the so-called gallery forest. Within the course of the river we can highlight a place known as the “planada del río”, where you can find a meander in its creation period. This is home to foxes, sparrow hawkes, nightingales or moorhens.

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It is amazing its route that begins among grain fields and olive groves, gazing rests of ancient meadows and some gallery forests that have remained intact over time. At the same time we will enjoy a route with a great ethnographic value seeing the terraces and buildings of ancient houses of vines that were an important population centre.Also, we will en- joy of a unique panora- mic from the dorsal that constitute the summits of the  place  of  “Las  Viñas” and to be delighted with excellent samples of our rural architecture.

It’s   a   route   of   different sections: asphalts, paths, olive groves… etc. We will through “Los Vázquez stream”, in whose hills we can enjoy wonderful views, abundant vegetation and different birds that will accompany us on our journey. At the highest  point of the route, where is lo- cated Cantalejo along with repeater station, we will relish the most beautiful views of the natural area.

This is a good site to rest and replace liquids. On its way downwards, passing by the Cañada Real, we will enjoy of several pano- ramic panels and we will know more of the use and tradition of the zone.

A natural spot limited by the river “Blanco” and the stream    “Salinoso”,    with characteristic shapes, being the result of erosive processes, in which they meet spectacular “gallery forests”. Inside the river course highlight the well- known place as a “planada del  río”,  where  it  can  be possible to observe a mean- der in a training period. Foxes, hawks, nightingales or redfish have chosen it like their habit, and to be the refuge to reptiles and raptors in great dangers of extinction. Therefore, it is a real pleasure for the senses to walk through them, to contemplate the magnitu- de of the landscape in all its splendour and to see the flora and fauna in their routes.

Therefore, it is a real pleasure for our senses walking by this area contemplating the whole landscape in all its splendour, observing the flora and fauna in its habitat. You can have the possibility to have a relaxing time with the locals talking about the territory and its diversity.  Furthermore, these paths are a good tourist attraction for those who love hiking and nature, as they give the opportunity to be in contact with the territory, with its inhabitants and with the natural characteristics that are one of a kind.