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Palace of Govantes y Herdara


18th century. Former tribunal. Its facade stands out. Private house closed to the public.

18th century. Former tribunal.

At number forty-four, we find the former tribunal of Osuna, in the house palace which belonged to the Govantes y Herdara family. Its rocky facade has the date of 1738. The entrance, from the 18th century, follows a similar pattern to the other stately houses in the town: two storeys high, crowned by a ledge, overflowed by two pinnacles. These pinnacles are situated on the left in order to leave the rest of the facade to the balconies.

The structure of the entrance does not disobey the patterns either: two lintelled hollows, a wide door for the carriages and a balcony in the upper part. The first storey, on engraved pedestals, presents spiral columns, as it was common in the tribunals (identical to those of the Jesús Nazareno chapel, in La Victoria church, although those are gold-coloured). They have vegetable motifs and, after the entablature, they are crowned by triangular and white obelisks.

In the lintel of the door, we can see the indispensable coat of arms of the family.