Osuna in cinema

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Osuna in cinema


Osuna, with its elegance, its monumental beauty and its artistic and natural heritage has often provided the setting for films, short films and advertisements in many occasions. 

In this way, Franco Zeffirelli chose San Pedro street to film Callas Forever (2001), the director Vicente Aranda chose the monumental area and the inside of the Colegiata to film Carmen (2002), Álvaro Begines  for its short film Engaños (2002) or the Belgian television for its reality show De Andalusische Droom (2009), among others.

La Colegiata and its surrounding monumental area, the spectacular San Pedro street or the natural environment of El Coto Las Canteras have provided their beauty for these films, and they are offering, together with others, such as the centenary bullring of Osuna, to make other productions, highlighting specially the shooting of the fifth  television season of the international series Game of Thrones (2014), a North American overproduction with millions of fans worldwide which has allowed a priceless dissemination and projection of Osuna in a international level. It can also be mentioned the fiction series produced entirely in Andalusia, which is set in the last years of the Roman Empire, called Año 400 (2008), in which our town was the crucial centre of comedy.

The bullring of Osuna not only has provided a setting for numerous series and short films but also to shoot different advertisements, such as, those made by the fashion designer Moncho Heredia, Guadalupe moda  flamenca de Málaga, and her Flamenco Fashion Report