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Church of Santa Clara

XVIth century. There is no mass currently. Closed to the public.

This convent was founded by the wife of the 4th Count of Ureña, Mrs. María de la Cueva.

The foundation dates back to 1550 and, at the beginning, the convent was placed in the South of the town. However, the location was not very appropriate according to the nuns and, in 1559, they exchanged it with the 4th Count of Ureña for a vegetable garden, situated next to the garden of the monastery, the mills of the stable and the wine cellar in La Huerta street.

The church has a single nave with a main chapel; the altars are situated in the side walls. The main altarpiece is baroque in style, and it was dominated by a valuable carving of Santa Clara, that can be found nowadays in the Collegiate Church.

The nuns also left a heavy pulpit with a polychromatic decoration.