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Palace of El Marqués de la Gomera


18th century. Its stone facade stands out. Nowadays, it is a hotel-restaurant.

It is, without a doubt, the most distinguished palace in Osuna. The house of the Marqués de la Gomera was built around 1770, the moment when Mr. Andrés Tamayo y Barona acceded to the marquisate of the House Tamayo.

The entrance moves forward with magnificent, stone, coupled, Tuscan, columns; which hold a large and artistic balcony. The facade is crowned by a ledge under which there are a series of gargoyles in the form of canons. In the right angle, a viewpoint tower is erected with a prolonged balcony and, inside, we have to highlight the private chapel and the ceiling of the gallery of the patio.

The architecture of this building, magnificent work of the 18th century by Juan Antonio Blanco, reminds of the colonial style; and its entrance was made between 1764 and 1765.

The so-called Plaza del Marqués, according to the sobriety of the street, allows the perfect viewpoint of this palace.

Nowadays, it is a Hotel-Restaurant.