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Palace of Miguel Reina y Jurado


Closed to the public. In 1765, Mr. Miguel de Reina y Jurado asked for permission to the City Council in order to set up a sepia stone entrance that stood out of the pavement. This way, the ensemble of his palace would be finished, formed by an arcaded courtyard in both floors and a magnificent stairs.

Due to the installation of the Correos building (post office) in the 70s of the XXth century, the biggest part of the building disappeared and, nowadays, only the stone entrance remains. It is composed by two powerful and fluted columns on bulbous pedestals which support the lintel on which the balcony stands out. The entire ensemble is crowned by a curvilinear canopy with the coats of arms of the Reina y Jurado family. Due to the dimensions, the cuts and the design, the whole work reminds of the productions of the quarry workers of Estepa, specially, those of the Blanco family.