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Archaeological Museum. Torre del Agua



This tower, bastion of the Almohad belt walls from 12th century, was restored in the 14th century by the knights of Calatrava, is the place where the archaeological museum is located currently.

The inside is comprised of four rooms, superimposed into two floors where you can contemplate the archaeological remains found in Osuna and some of it reproductions.

The prehistoric remains and the reproductions of the Iberian reliefs, found in Osuna at the beginning of the 20th century, can be contemplated in the first room; the original ones can be found in the National Archaeological Museum.

In the second room, you can find iberian ceramic pieces and votive of the same culture; and it is the place where the exhibition of Roman objects begins.

On the second floor, the largest part of the Roman pieces which are preferably ceramic and some Visigoths bricks.

The last room hosts several glasses cabinet where some varied material is exposed, such as ceramic from different period, numismatics collection and Roman glass. In the same room many Visigothic plaques belonging to 5th and 7th centuries which are of great interest.