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Osuna is located in the Southeast of the province of Seville. It limits to the North with Écija, to the East with Estepa, to the West with Morón, Marchena and Puebla de Cazalla, and to the South with El Saucejo, Los Corrales and Martín de la Jara.

It occupies a strategic place within the Andalusian Community, since it is located in the heart of Andalusia.

The municipal term of Osuna has an extension of 593 km2, being, therefore, the fourth within the province of Seville, its extension representing 4.22% of the provincial surface.

In our town, two clearly different regions come into contact. On the one hand, the Seville Countryside, with an almost flat surface, with clay and limestone soils, which occupies two thirds of the total surface of the term, its lands are dedicated to rainfed cultivation. On the other hand, the Sierra Sur - foothills of the Betic System - with hot and dry lands, where the olive grove and scrubland predominate, with mountainous terrain, sometimes exceeding 500 meters of altitude.

As for the climate, Osuna is characterized by benign and short winters, autumns and springs, with an average annual temperature of approximately 18º centigrade, with the maximum average being 42.3ºC and the minimum average being 3.6ºC and with rainfall ranging from 550 to 600 l / m2.

The Tourist Office is located at Calle Sevilla, 37, at the headquarters of the Osuna Museum. Telephone: 954 81 57 32 (turismo@osuna.es)