Craft and Gastronomy of Osuna

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Craft and Gastronomy of Osuna



The artisan tradition in Osuna has a great history, as a result of decades of hard work of great masters.  Ceramics is still carried out in this town and whose main decorative elements are based on sevillian tiles belonging to the 18th century which are used to decorate courtyards and cloisters of convents and monasteries.  Glass work, forging, resin, esparto or cordovan leather works are just a sampling of the mastery of the artisans from Osuna

José A. Molina. Artesanía en Cerámica

Polígono Industrial El Ejido, Parcela 146

C/Arrieros 12

Telf: 696 461 63/954 812 769


Cerámica Manuel Díaz

C/Almería, 18 B

Telf: 620 682 874

Arte2. Taller de Cordobán y Guadamecí

Polígono Industrial Belmonte

C/Alfareros, 50

Telf: 954 815 309

Cerámica Emilio Espuny

C/ Luis de Molina, 27

Telf: 695 257 688

Productos Alimentarios Quesí

Polígono Industrial Área de Servicio

Avda. de Málaga, 22

41640 Osuna-Sevilla


Tel.: 623 015 759

FACEBOOK: Quesos Quesí


The whitewashed and monumental streets of Osuna, together with its warm temperatures throughout the year provide us one of the most perfect settings for tasting its typical food in the open air.

Osuna has a rich gastronomy thanks to its variety. Its best known typical dishes are ardoria, cocido ursaonés, repapalillas de bacalao or guiso de tagarninas, all these plates are doused with olive oil.

Among its confectionery we can highlight its gachas de San Arcadio, las aldeanas and the homemade specialties of the Encarnación, Concepción and San Pedro convents.