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City Hall of Osuna


16th century. In the façade we can highlight the coat of arms of Osuna. It opens from Monday to Friday (8:00am – 15:00pm). It is closed on public holidays. Free entry. It is constructed over the arch La Puerta de Teba, in 1533.

The arches are supported by coupled columns with two long and wide balconies. At the arcades of the city hall there is a version of the town coat of arms.  As is common in the simbology and heraldic proposals, the coat of arms of Osuna can be manifested in different forms but there are two elements which always appear such as the tower and the two chained bears. Over the tower,  sometimes appears a woman with her bare chest which is interpreted by some analysts as the female figure of the ancient goddess Cana,  others propose that the only inhabitant of the tower is a creature which reminds the winged sphinx  with her disturbing half of naked maid. The bears are always symmetric and are held the tower by a chain.