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Roman Theatre of Osuna


 The Roman theatre of the ancient Genetiva Iulia Colony of Osuna is located in the south side of the crossing which forms La Cañada Real (from Marchena to Estepa) and Vereda de Santa Mónica.

This is a place where traditionally many Roman findings appeared. Many researches coincide to establish the Forum of the Colony close to the crossing of both livestock routes due to the large number of findings encountered there, among them; we can highlight the tables of bronze which contain the foundational law of the colony. 

The main obstacle we face in order to investigate about this archeological finding is the lack of information and bibliography.

The first reference about the theatre comes from Juan de Dios de la Rada y Delgado, who relates that during the excavations carried out by the Government in 1876 in the place where appeared the Osuna tables of bronze it was also discovered an inscription showing the name of three people and their seat assignment in the theatre.

Other researches such as Demetrio de los Ríos and the French Thouvenot carried out some studies about the theatre and its descriptions. In parallel with these investigations, the local newspaper called “El Paleto” commented all the news of the excavations achieved by Engel and Paris.

Currently you can only appreciate six or seven rows of stands on the ground of the theatre.